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About Royalty Mudenda Royalty Holdings

Founder : Brenda Mudenda

“In 2017 I went from 58kgs to 79kgs.I was in a bad space, depressed and overwhelmed with emotions dealing with life without my mum.Food was my comfort and I got more fat and unhappiest..One day I sat down and wrote my achievements and things that made my mum proud.I realised something , that me and my mum shared the love of sports.My past achievements also motivated me to get back to being fit.

I started my journey end of  October 2017 and by 2018 on my birthday I had achieved my goal.I never want to see anyone in that space so I wanted to start a Royalty Fitness Empire to help others overcome their struggles, get the help they need mentally, emotionally and physically if needed.We believe health and beauty starts from the inside..”

Our Goal

Royalty Fitness Empire goal is to help you live your best life in your best body.We also understand that weight gain is due to a number of reasons including stress, post partum etc..We are dedicated to making sure we help you mentally, physically and emotionally because we believe health and beauty starts on the inside.

We are your best choice!

Our Team

Brenda Mudenda
Chief Executive Officer(CEO) & Director(Royalty Fitness)

Contact: +27826129560

Nkosana Dudley Nkomo
Sales Manager(ZIM)
Contact: +263712917371
LaRoyalty Designs(SA)
Contact: +27662552431
Pamela Dangarembwa
Sales Manager(SA) (on leave)

Contact: +27844592601